ABSTRACT BEING is a webcomic I draw when I’m day dreaming, sober, or watching Law and Order: SVU.


I am a harmonious combination of a nerd, geek, and dork. Now, that’s very sexy.

Here’s some facts about me, and I hope you’ll still be my friend after reading it. I once bought a Playboy magazine as a birthday gift for my friend and he got pissed off… so I kept it. I was sent to Fat Camp two summers in a row, i got a girlfriend after that. In Elementary a girl slapped my face in front of the whole marching Band. In Junior High, a girl dumped me right before a final exam. I failed the test. In Highschool, I came 2hrs late to pickup my prom date. She went to prom with somebody else. In College, a girl pepper sprayed me. In Grad School, a girl accused me of downloading Asian porn in the library… which I did but I denied it. I used to work as a cartoonist and now a periodontist. I don’t know Tae Kwon Do, but I lied about it and a muggler ran away. I look like a nerd, but i’m a freakin’ dance machine!!! oh yea, i’ve always looked like a nerd. I once missed a flight because I was busy buying chocolates at a gift shop, a flight which was later accidently shot down by the Russians. I have a receding hair line so I’m workin really hard to develop my inner beauty, a job long due. Have you ever punched an octopus? I did and it bit me leaving a scar on my ring finger. I’m a North Korean, seriously. Not a spy though. My mom forced me to perm my hair after watching the movie “Annie”. I played a ‘rat’ for my middle school play, and here is the sad part… all roles were full so they had to make that part just for me… my brother played a ‘tree’ before. Did you know that I am one of the 3% peeps in the nation to have a Mesiodent? A girl told me I was much more attractive when I don’t talk… she later dumped me because I was too quiet. Did you know that no one ever called me “sexy”? I once drop kicked my brother and his primary tooth came off… I gave him 5bux to shut him up, but he still told mom about it. I got yelled at. My mom carries around a picture of my brother but not mine. I have a beautiful Asian Accent.

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